University of Mandalay | UM (Myanmar) - Coordinator

The University of Mandalay (UM) is the second largest university in Myanmar, and a partner institution of the AUN network. The paramount aim of UM is to strive towards the emergence of a leading National Research University. The University is structured around 19 academic departments offering a variety of diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. There are 1434 undergraduate students and 2193 postgraduate students currently enrolled, while the overall number of teaching staffs and admins is, respectively, 541 and 354 in administrative staffs. 

In recent times, UM has significantly increased its internationalization activities and it has signed several MoU with 27 universities from Asia, America and Europe. Single departments are also conducting collaborative researches: The Department of Geography, for example, collaborates with Cologne University, whereas the Department of Geology is implementing joint research programs with Oxford University. Since 2015, moreover, UM has also expanded its program of international conferences, cooperating with Chiang Mai University, Thailand, as well as the activities pertaining to the exchange of scholars. Currently, UM is committed to implement new teaching methods and quality assurance mechanisms, and it has recently entered the SHARE programme.