Taunggyi University | TU (Myanmar)

Taunggyi University (TU) is in Taunggyi, Shan State where several ethnic groups inhabit. The area of main campus is 214.81 acre and there is extended campus for research and development. Being a main Higher Education Institution in southern Shan State, our University is responsible for nurturing skilled human capital needed in government, business and industry. The fifteen Departments which are composed in Taunggyi University are Myanmar, English, Geography, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Oriental Studies, Economics, Law, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Botany and Geology. The key activities of Taunggyi University are naturing qualified and well-mannered educated youths, providing and developing teaching programmes and research culture, implementing regional development, unity of ethnic groups and education development. 

The Department of Law signed a MoU with BABSEACLE in 2015 and since then clinical legal education has been implemented for professional development and community teaching especially in the area of special criminal laws, human rights and environmental law. Among 30 teaching staffs of Department of Law, 19 teachers have taken international law as their specialization in LL M and Ph D courses. Although International Law and Human Rights Law are core courses in LL B courses, curriculum and syllabus have to develop in line with the changing pollical and social issues of the region and the world. The research projects related to migrant workers’ rights, trafficking in persons and social impacts of climate change have been implemented in Department of Law.